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Welcoming BatCave.Comics


May 20, 2022


We are excited to bring you Batcave.Comics Speculations. Here is a quick background on Batcave.Comics; Joshua Cardona is the man behind Batcavecomics, proud member of the Young Gunnerz, writer, father of two, and renowned expert on comics. Joshua started Batcavecomics in 2013 as just another comic collector showing his love for comics and writing. He has well over 3,000 followers and huge fan base. He not only brings his knowledge of comics to the table but uses that to challenge the everyday speculators by digging up facts to correct and or present his own speculation. He has also inspired many over the years to think for themselves and to do their own research and come up with their own conclusion, never forcing any views upon anyone. You can find him on Instagram @batcave.comics or at

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