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May 14, 2022

What Makes Us Different?

Foreign Comics have definitely jumped in collectability and value the last few years. Often though sourcing them can be expensive when dealing with dealers overseas and buying off the internet. Buying from dealers can be hard as well as many are left with the same avenues to buy. Some get lucky and have a handful of people they can buy from. Recognizing this issue we set out in late 2019 to create our network we have today, in several countries to be able to buy direct. This helps cutout the middle man, and helps us find scarce books. Our prices are usually the best around in the foreign market. Sure some dealers can buy off a guy on some bay store here and there, there is always a chance of getting burned. All our sellers, agents, dealers and associates are vetted, and reliable. Here are the countries we operate out of currently:

Argentina (1)

Australia (1)

Brazil (2)

Canada (1)

Chile (1)

Croatia (2)

Denmark (1)

Finland (1)

France (2)

Germany (2)

Hungary (1)

Italy (2)

Kazakhstan (1, yes really)

Mexico (2)

Netherlands (2)

Norway (2)

Philippines (1)

Poland (1)

Spain (4)

Sweden (3)

Vietnam (1)

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