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HFQ's TVG (Tier Value Guide)


May 19, 2022

A Tool we created to helps us determine value on Foreign Comics

HFQ's TVG (Tier Value Guide)

Tier I

Any Foreign Comic published/released within 5 years of the American counterpart. This comic holds the most value. As high as 80% Max Value

Tier II

Any comic published/released within 6-10 years of the American counterpart.

50-60% of Tier I value

Tier III

Any comic published/released after 10 years of the American counterpart.

20% of Tier I Value.


1st and 2nd printings hold the most value,


As with anything there are exceptions that will affect the value. Obviously condition drives everything, along with; Canon vs non canon, artists, print runs all play into value. This is a case by case scenario.

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